Color, line, shape, texture and depth: these formal elements are my source of inspiration. I am attracted to the coastline, uneven landscapes, worn surfaces, water and unusual shapes.

As I paint, my experience as an educator and artist becomes alive. I add paint, scratch into the surface, draw a few lines and suddenly, my composition begins to unfold. My landscapes are often scenes from my memory. Other times, I will takes photographs of the same scene and use it later to inspire me.

I begin a painting with shapes of color and suddenly, I see a coastline or a group of trees before me. Color is the element that I am the most interested in developing. A simple landscape can depict a special mood and be quite intriguing because I carefully choose my colors. Creating a coloured grey, making my own combination of blacks, finding a new cold green is like discovering something special on the beach. Every mixture brings a new surprise and every new color changes the whole aspect of a painting.

To me painting, gives me the greatest satisfaction. It is a piece of me which I try to convey with each brushstroke. I leave my paintings open to interpretation and hope that the viewer will find my work both inspiring and enjoyable to look at.

Lucie has always had a deep appreciation for the Arts. 

Having a passion for color and all that is handmade, Lucie continues to take painting, printing, drawing and silversmithing workshops all over the world.
Having taught 26 years to high school students, she has now redirected her career by teaching acrylic painting, watercolor painting and oil and cold wax painting to adults at the Museum of Fine Arts ( Montreal), Maison des Arts Rive-sud and in various art centres.
Lucie is represented by several galleries in Quebec, Ontario and the United States.